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2019 OMG Calendar Notice

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<The finalized images are subject to be changed without prior notice.>

Individual Purchase Notice



~ 2018. 11. 08




$21 + EMS fee




PAYPAL : omgsandara@naver.com


* Please check the box "I Will pay the fees"


Both Paypal and Western Union are available. Send an e-mail  if you are using Western Union.


For paypal >> check the box that states that you will pay for the fees ! If this box is not shown, add $3 to your total payment.


For western union >> E-mail us -> send payment -> send us the following details < Name / MTCN number / country / amount >




Desk Size Calendar :  Width/230*165 / All coloured  28p / Released & Unreleased Pictures




1. FAN / 2.To be confirmed 


(*Note: Freebies items are subject to change due to circumstances)




We are not responsible for any damages caused during shipping as well as any taxes incurred on the customs.

(Both refund and exchange will not be accepted.)


We will only EMS for shipping. It is more expensive but that's the safest method.


1. EMS 2~7 days.

It depends on which country you live.

If you are only buying OMG goods , check the EMS fees below


2. Delivery of OMG goods will be scheduled in December

    please check OMG’s notice on twitter/ our homepage for further details around early-December




Including 2 sets of calendar + shipping fees + paypal fee $4


Canada & USA : $40

Australia : $30

Peru & Chile & Mexico : $42

New zealand & Russia & France & Germany : $40

Indonesia : $30

China & Hongkong & Taiwan & Singapore & Vietnam & Malaysia & Philippines & Thailand & Japan : $25

** I can tell you the price if you tell me where you live ! Don't worry!


For 3 set or above, delivery fees will be added accordingly. Please inquiries by sending us e-mail.




$21 + EMS JAPAN $25 + paypal fee $3 = total $49



[Order Form] *please fill out in ENG


E-mail Subject : 2019 OMG Calendar Order


E-mail content : 1. Name

                          2. Payment date

                          3. Payment amount

                          4. Quantity

                          5. Name of the parcel recipient

                          6. Contact number

                          7. Address (including zip code)



※ We will not ship out your order if the payment amount is incorrect. Please ensure that your payment includes:

OMG Goods Fee + EMS shipping fee + PayPal handling fee

After sending your payment , please kindly fill out the order form and e-mail it to omgsandara@naver.com.


We will take questions through e-mail




Group Order


We also have group orders for different countries.

Please check the notice from the fan sites respectively.

(* Group order can only be formed with a minimum order of 5 sets.)


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